South China Morning Post

"To highlight our cityscape, the Post has invited three of this city’s most popular Instagrammers, to show that there is more to instagramming than just shooting the city’s skyline."


Hong Wrong

"Edward Barnieh has a sizeable Instagram following, where he showcases his shots of Hong Kong. Today, he shares some of his favourites with Hong Wrong…"


Time Out

"Despite the hustle and bustle of the city, Edward Barnieh captures the quiet simplicity of Hong Kong, from its empty streets to its serene harbour views. His talent lies in architectural photography, particularly when it comes to finding light amidst the city’s densely packed buildings and portraying the vibrancy of Hong Kong’s skyline."


Hong Kong Free Press

"The unnatural beauty of Hong Kong's urban density."



"This London-born animator and photographer excels at creating jaw-dropping, pixel perfect images. His work is thought specifically to reach masses, hence the active use of internet platforms, mainly Instagram. Seeing Hong Kong from above, and watching its urban density was Ed’s objective when shooting with the Leica T."



"My style has developed through emulating my peers, but I am honestly trying not to have a “style”. Versatility can sometimes be seen as a bad thing, but I want to be good at all different types of photography."



"Edward Barnieh est un de ces photographes qui posent un regard contemporain sur la ville. La photographie urbaine, la contextualisation des œuvres architecturales sont les éléments constitutifs de son travail de photographe qui fait le tour du monde. "


Oriental Daily

"香港的建築物充滿本土特色,尋常如公屋等大型建築,從他者的鏡頭下反而顯得更有魅力。旅居香港的Edward Barnieh在Instagram上以建築為題材,給我們看膩了,如火柴盒般密密麻麻的高樓大廈,在他的視點下變成一道新的風景。"



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Mr Porter

"His university grounding in the history of art and architecture helps explain his distinctive photos, which highlight the skylines and structural silhouettes that make Hong Kong so visually striking. While many complain about the city’s notoriously polluted skies, Mr Barnieh finds them to be something of a photographic asset – with the right light, he says, you can get some pretty stellar photos."